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Senin, 14 November 2011

Tanggal Rilis : 28 September 2006 (South Korea)
Jenis Film : Action | Comedy | Drama
Diperankan Oleh : Jackie Chan, Michael Hui and Louis Koo

Ringkasan Cerita FILM ROBIN-B-HOOD (2006) :
The Jackie Chan-headlined action farce Rob-B-Hood concerns Slipper (Chan), a character caught up in a hornet’s nest of problems. Raised by poor parents and expelled from school at an early age, Slipper became notorious for his lightning-fast footwork and quick-fingered hijinks, but managed to tally up a massive amount of gambling debt.
With no other choice, he accepted his crooked landlord’s bid to participate in a series of crazy heists. They paired up with another shady character, Octopus (Louis Koo), and successfully kidnapped BB, a tycoon’s grandson, but unforeseen complications led the trio to keep the baby longer than they had originally intended.
Now, when the men learn that a triad intends to collect on some unpaid ransom and kill the child in the process, they decide to keep the baby indefinitely, as an unofficial “adopted son,” and train him in the ways of burglary. They receive assistance, in this endeavor, from a teenage hanger-on, Pak Yin (Charlene Choi); a nurse named Melody (Gao Yuanyuan); and the landlord’s missus, (Teresa Carpio). Suddenly, however, the rollers and the triads begin to close in, and the men must figure out a way to return the baby to his folks.

[IMDb rating : 6.5/10]
[Awards : 4 nominations]
[Production Co : Emperor Motion Pictures, JCE Movies, Huayi Brothers]
[IMDb link :]

[Quality : DVDRip]
[File Size : 700 MB]
[Format : Avi]
[Resolution : 640x272]
[Run Time : 2 hour(s) 15 min]

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